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😧 When Vendor Finance Deals Go Wrong! 😥

Welcome to the next dynamic episode of the Commercial Property Show Australia as host Andrew Bean and special guest Cecilia Axelsson provide an update into her holy grail vendor finance deal she pulled off in 2021. Cecilia explains the intricacies of vendor finance deals and shares her valuable insights where this deal went wrong. 

This conversation is a must listen for anyone looking to understand the real world challenges and successes of creative no money down commercial real estate investments.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The Journey of the Deal: How did Cecilia's vendor finance deal unfold?

  • Key takeaways: from the process and what Cecilia would do differently.Lessons Learnt:

  • Overcoming Struggles: Insights into the biggest challenges faced and how they were navigated.

  • Deal Structure: How her two deals were intertwined and the real world problems this caused. 

  • Townhouse Development: A look into another project and its success metrics.

  • Market Choices: Reflecting on the decision to invest in Townsville

  • Value Add Strategies: Which aspects were underestimated

  • Finance Insights: Discussion on the loan deal with Think Tank? 

  • Remote Project Management: Running a project from Sydney with the property in Townsville.

  • Advice for Aspiring Investors: Tips for those looking to navigate their own creative no money down deals.

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