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Commercial Property Market Spotlight - October Data 2021

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Interest in Australian Commercial Property is at an all time high.

More and more accomplished residential #investors are moving into this space.

They hear about the high returns and CAP rate compression and now, want a piece of the action.
Who can blame them, there is now more information and commercial property market data available to the average Mum and Dad investor than ever before.

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share some interesting Market Data from a market that has performed very well during the pandemic. This is a market that has really benefited from the working from home movement.

It has great beach lifestyle, it’s close to a major city so workers can easily commute to those important meetings, it has diverse industry and, in comparison to its closest city it’s affordable.




All of the #commercialproperty #market #data and informaiton in this publication has been sourced from CP Data - Australias First Dedicatied #Commercial #Property #Platform.

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Written by

Andrew Bean

Managing Director - Develop a Life

Host & Creator of The Commercial Property Show Australia


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