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Andrew Bean the host of The Commercial Property Show Australia and Founder of Develop a Life, ignited his passion for Commercial Property and Property Development while saving a deposit for his first family home. During that time, Andrew committed himself to education and consuming every piece of real estate related information he could get his hands on. 


Right on time for the birth of his son, Andrew reached his first homeownership goal, but by then he was hooked. The commitment to seeking knowledge sparked a mindset shift in him, which changed him forever. Andrew’s thirst for knowledge led him to seek out professional property development and commercial property investment mentors. He came to the realisation that property development and investing in commercial property was his future and the 9-5 job just would not satisfy.

In the words of Grant Cardone, 


"Success was now his Duty, Obligation and Responsibility”.


Andrew has used countless resources along the way including many popular podcasts but couldn't find a quality Australian Commerical Property podcast that addressed education and current market news. 


Taking it upon himself, The Commercial Property Show Australia was born. Andrew’s daily commitment to property education and success is relentless and unwavering. As Managing Director of Develop a Life he takes pride in creating quality content to help others and himself to continue learning and reach financial freedom.

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