Rethink Property Investing offers practical advice for both new and established investors looking to move beyond traditional residential real estate and enter the profitable world of commercial properties.


This invaluable guide dispels the investing myths and demystifies complex property principles and strategies using a clear, straightforward, and easy-to-understand approach. 


This is the book Scott and Mina O’Neill wished they had when they started out: an honest, no-nonsense book filled with practical examples, personal stories, expert advice and real-world information. Whether you’re a residential property investor looking to go to the next level or an experienced investor seeking a more advanced approach to commercial property, Rethink Property Investing is written to help you earn enough passive income to retire early and enjoy life.


Learn how you can achieve unlimited success through commercial property investing using simple yet powerful strategies from two people who have already done it—and are willing to share their wisdom. Rethink Property Investing will teach you to: 


  • Follow the 7 Easy Steps and use the Top 5 Property Plays to build a commercial property portfolio 

  • How Scott and Mina O’Neill built a $20 million portfolio in 10 years and how you can follow their strategy 

  • Maximise the performance of your existing property portfolio using proven techniques  

  • Profit from the different ways commercial properties perform in the COVID-19 environment 

  • Enjoy the virtually limitless success that commercial property investing can bring 


Now is the time to create wealth in the long term with commercial property investing. From developing an investment mindset to financing and managing your property, Rethink Property Investing will guide you through every step.  

Rethink Property Investing

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    Become Financially Free with Commercial Property Investing 


    The definitive guide to building a profitable commercial property portfolio 


    Scott and Mina O’Neill, Australia’s leading commercial property investors and founders of Rethink Investing, show you how they retired at the age of 28 and now live off the income generated by their $20 million property portfolio.